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Cloud Explained

When you begin to look into Cloud services it can be confusing. Cloud is becoming a key talking point for businesses around the world and it is likely to be the biggest change in business IT systems since the introduction of the desktop computer. The best news yet is that Cloud Computing will save your business money and provide better IT services!

What is Cloud Computing ?

Most businesses will have some form of IT infrastructure onsite to provide applications (such as Sage) or services (such as email) to your employees. Running this infrastructure is very costly especially when in reality it is only a platform to serve the applications and services that are important to your business. Cloud computing is about taking away the costs and responsibilities of housing this platform and just providing you access to the things that actually matter to your business.

In physical terms this means the Cloud provider hosts the hardware and systems required to run the applications and services you require and you pay for access to the applications and services. The Cloud provider incurs the cost of purchasing, running, and maintaining the hardware and houses it in a professional Datacentre.

Cloud Computing can provide access to a single application, an end user desktop, a server, and even a set of hardware resources if you have a more hands on IT team.

What are the benefits ?

•    Business focused –Takes the emphasis of IT away from the technical requirements and focuses it on the business needs.
•    Reduced Costs – Eliminate upfront hardware costs and reduce the running
•    Quick & Easy to Deploy –Reduce rollout time to minutes instead of months.
•    Anywhere/Anytime Access –Access your business systems and data from anywhere.
•    Flexibility & Scalability – Systems can grow and shrink as your business dictates.
•    Reduced Environmental Impact –Significant reduction in your carbon footprint.
•    Resilient & Secure – Enterprise class resilience and security

Cloud Computing allows business to focus on what’s important to them. Most business do not care about how powerful the server is, how many gigabytes of storage they need or whether its running Windows 2008 R2 SP1 or not. Business care about their employees having reliable access to the applications and services they need, when the need it. That is what Cloud Computing is about.

To find out how JPStream’s Cloud services can help your business, get in touch today!


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