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Mensore ! Mensore ! CloudLinux Hosting - がんばれ日本

Mensore ! Mensore ! Our new value hosting plans.
Mensore new hosting generation.ensures greater stability and efficiency, optimized performance, and better security for our customer’s websites and servers.

Mensore CloudLinux Hosting
Providing Ultimate Performance for web hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated hosting accounts

Mensore CloudLinux Hosting is a supercharged version of the operating system CentOS, designed to specifically meet the growing demands of webmasters. With its unheralded ability to isolate and control resource spikes, CloudLinux provides superior site availability. CloudLinux comes pre-configured on each of our Web Hosting accounts. Sign up today!

5 Key Benefits of Mensore CloudLinux Web Hosting

  1.  Unbeatable Uptime
    mensore CloudLinux helps prevent a single resource hogging customer from crashing the server your site is hosted on!
  2.  Pre-Configured Reliability
    Mensore CloudLinux comes pre-installed on every Web Hosting account! There’s no configuration on your end. You simply enjoy the benefits of CloudLinux.
  3. Innovative Account Isolation Technology
    Your web hosting account is isolated from the other accounts on the server! If one site goes down, your site should remain stable.
  4.  Performance Spike Resource Management
    Mensore CloudLinux delicately adjusts your site’s performance to prevent it from overloading or even crashing during a resource spike.  JPStream Internet  offers an easy account upgrade to a Managed VPS Hosting if you need more resources than what’s offered with a Web Hosting account.
  5.  Finely Tuned OS 
Hosting industry experts rave about CloudLinux’s speed, security and performance with the cPanel control panel!

Mensore hosting plans come with; 50GB, 100GB or 200GB Hard disk space
Unlimited Data Transfer
Unlimited eMail Accounts
Unlimited FTP accounts
Unlimited MySQL DB’s
Japan based IDC
Premium Network 1Gbps

Price start 500 JPY per month

Special Promoton for people living in Okinawa
If you living in Okinawa prefecture you will get 50% discount for all Mensore hosting plans.

Okinawa Premium Hosting Plans
Mensore ! Mensore !

(Mensore in Okinawan language means Welcome !)



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